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PostSubject: LITTLE LOTTE- THE DIARY OF A VICOMTE   Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:24 pm

Hello guys, this is my new phanfic. It's about Raoul's side of the story. My base is the musical with bits of the book. Enjoy.


24th July 1881
My brother Philippe told me today that we were now the patrons of the world famous Opera Populaire. Then, I did not care much, but it did remind me with a pang of Christine. Ah, Christine Daae, my lovely childhood sweetheart. She loved singing, especially the tale of Little Lotte that her father told us that summer. I shall never forget that summer, nearly eight years ago, that summer of 1873. We bonded when we met on the beach in Normandy while she was on holiday there. We played together, sang together, danced together and we shared our first kiss on the beach at sunset. We used to see each other a lot until about five years ago, when my parents died, Philippe became the Comte and I the Vicomte. With a title comes responsibility and I never got to see Christine since. I wonder what has happened to her and her blessed father. She probably has forgotten me. I will never forget her.

25th July 1881
Philippe said that today we would go to the Opera Populaire to introduce ourselves. Not only has the patron changed, but they are now under new management. This will have to be a short entry because we set off in 20 minutes. The Opera is only ten minutes by horse and carriage, but we intend to spend the entire day there. I must go now, the footman is calling me downstairs to discuss which horses to use.

The young Vicomte de Chagny was lost in a daydream on the way to the Opera. The de Chagny mansion was on the outskirts of Paris so it was easy for the Vicomte and his brother to access their new Opera. They arrived to hear Carlotta Giudicelli singing at the top of her voice. Raoul desperately tried suppressing putting fingers in his ears. The sound was truly terrible. It reminded him of Christine, and how beautifully she sang. He reluctantly sat through the rest of the rehearsal with gritted teeth. The tenor was ok, the dancers were entrancing and the chorus was superb. The only problem was Carlotta. When the managers suggested that she sing and aria, Raoul excused himself and quickly left the room. He knew he had to go to the opera with that tone deaf diva singing, but he had to live with the fact that his family now sponsored this place.

A few hours later, Raoul was sitting in Box 10 with his brother and the new managers. However, it was not Carlotta who was singing. It was a new, younger girl, with the voice of an angel. In the instrumental break, he finally got a good look at her. He at once knew, but, "Can it be, can be Christine? Long ago, it seems so long ago how young and innocent we were. Oh, I hope she remembers me!"

He told Philippe and it was obvious that his brother was happy. After all, his brother was 20 years older and unmarried. He was obviously thinking about keeping the line going.

As soon as the performance was over Raoul tried to run down to Christine's dressing room but was stopped by the managers who ironically wanted to introduce him to Christine. He hastily explained that he wanted to make an introduction himself, and knocked on her door...
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PostSubject: Re: LITTLE LOTTE- THE DIARY OF A VICOMTE   Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:08 am

Clearly this is a retelling of the Phantom of the Opera from Raoul's point of view based on the play and the original story by Gaston Leroux.

The format is much better and so is the grammar.

I hope you will give us more than a retelling. Make the story your own.

Otherwise, nicely done.

Brava, brava, bravissimi!
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