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 Keeping In Character

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PostSubject: Keeping In Character   Wed May 28, 2008 4:34 pm


We know the whole idea of fan fiction is to give the reader
an alternative to Leroux’s or ALW’s ending.
If the character changes, give them a reason, don’t just start off with
Raoul being a bastard or Erik being extremely sweet and fluffy.

The following are some examples of the true nature of the

ERIK/PHANTOM: Socially inept (as he has been kept from
society for so long), dark, brooding, moody, and passionate. Even though he
knows how to use his power to get what he wants; at heart he is a weak soul, searching
for love. It seems he enjoys the fact that he has, in a way, created Christine
Daae, and so has fallen in love with her. Having never been sexually involved with anyone, he would
be almost endearingly nervous and unknowledgeable if something ever did happen
between him and Christine. He's emotional but cold, powerful but weak and at
times quite mad.

CHRISTINE: Has lost her father at a very young age; without the presence of such
in a girl's life, she will often look for a father figure to love her (i.e.,
the Phantom). Seeks her childhood innocence which she lost so abruptly, which
Raoul fulfills. Appears incredibly naive
and submissive, but shows a strong will when circumstances call for it. She's
intelligent, and always knows the consequences of her actions (with the
exception of a few mishaps), and so would almost be called manipulative. We see
her caught between the security of childhood and the darkness of adulthood as

RAOUL: Leroux in no way said anything which might suggest or describe him as a
wife-abuser, a rapist, money-hungry, or unfaithful. The reason most ECers write
him as such is that they want a legitimate reason for Christine to come running
back to Erik. He is a gentleman, raised as such in the presence of a number of
ladies (who would not have trained him to abuse them). We see a display of bravery and somewhat impulsive, as his naval
history shows, along with how quickly he went to save Christine. Little does he
care about wealth or status, and is incredibly sacrificial.

Even if the author writes slash stories, please make sure to
give the character a real psychological reason for a change in gender preference
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PostSubject: Re: Keeping In Character   Sun Jun 08, 2008 10:14 pm

ok lol!

*le gasp!*
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Keeping In Character
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