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 Down Once More

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PostSubject: Down Once More   Sun Nov 25, 2012 9:54 am

Hello! As you can probably see, I'm totally new here. (and my username isn't even POTO related *blush*) Nevertheless, I'm a die-hard phan. As for this fanfic, it's a fic form of a roleplay I'm in on fanfiction.net. We all took characters, myself being Christine and sharing Erik. Well, no point procrastinating; on with the show! (and yes there's an OC. But I don't control her)

Chapter 1

Kiara Greenwitch got off the carriage and stepped into the Opera Populaire, she looked about her eyes lighting up at such a beautiful Opera House, she had a look of reverence as she gazed about, they had NOTHING like this back in Ireland...

"Oh, wow!" She exclaimed softly treating almost like a Cathedral. "It is so beau'iful!" She said her accent popping out as she walked around her long fiery red hair hung loose looking like liquid flames as she looked around the Opera House.

Christine Daae waltzed past in a dreamlike daze, her eyes glassy and her light blonde hair flopped over it. She hummed to herself in Swedish...right until she crashed straight in to Kiara.

"Ahh! Jag är så ledsen! Damn, I mean, I'm so sorry mademoiselle!" she yelped, jumping back

Kiara nodded.

"Aye, is alright Lass no harm done eh?" She said her accent highlighting her voice prettily.

Meg rushed through the Opera, giving a relieved smile when she finally found Christine

"Christine! Goodness, I've been looking for you everywhere! Oh, hello there" she said politely, just noticing Kiara.

"Hello..." Kiara said softly.

"This is the Opera Populaire aye?" She asked calmly her accent seeped into every word with ease... she looked at Meg her green eyes looked like they were constantly mixing to find an eye colour shade of green to settle on.

Meg smiled warmly, staring at her eyes "Yes it is. Can I help you with anything?"

"A-Aye, I was sent to come to Paris, I'm supp'sed ta take over fer a Miss Carlotta..." She said gently, her voice was soft and sounded like she'd have a beautiful singing voice...

"I'm supposed to sing here... although I don't think I'm very good..." She muttered blushing softly.

"I'm sure if you were sent here, you must have a lovely voice!" Meg urged brightly.

"I-If you say so..." Kiara blushed. "I'd rather not upset the balance if there is any here, this is my first time outta Ireland..." she said sheepishly.

"I have no idea what I'm supposed to do..." she said even more sheepishly. "I was told to go inside an sing for ya..." she said gently.

"There really isn't a 'balance' here... we're all a sort of family here" she said, choosing to leave out to hierarchy of La Carlotta "Who were you supposed to sing for? You can sing for us if you'd like" she smiled, clutching Christine's hands.

Christine nodded enthusiastically, eyes lit up,

"Uh I can't pronounce his name... It's a little uhhh French..." Kiara laughed shakily, embarrassed.

"I can't speak french fluently... And what would you like me to sing? I'm a soprano so nothing too low sil vous plait..." She said softly.

"An I'm Kiara Greenwitch, please jus call me Kia..." she added.

"I'm Meg Giry, and it seems you've already run into Christine" Meg giggled "Oh, perhaps I should introduce you to mother, or the managers..." she added as a soft afterthought. "Just sing something you like, now you've gotten me intrigued!"

"Yes!" Christine begged, "You sound like you have a lovely voice!"

Kia sighed.

"Nice ta meet ya Ms. Giry..." She said softly and nodded.

"I suppose that'd be the best idea... and uhh alright...Let me think..." She nodded and sighed as she calmed herself, then she began to sing an aria about a woman mourning for her father.

She sang softly and sweetly her high voice was enough to cause passers-by to shed tears as she sang...

"Sorry, I missed my Father, I lived with my brother, my parents died years ago..." She said simply it wasn't an uncommon thing in Ireland...

She had finished the song singing as good as if not better than Christine... she was embarrassed at having sang and the look on her face proved it.

Meg gave a weak smile "I've only ever known my mother... but I'm sure Christine must miss her father as well" she said, looking sadly at her friend.

Christine barely registered Meg's comment as she was struck dumb with awe. When she finally realised that her best friend was staring at her, she shook her head to return herself to her normal frame of mind and nodded again.

Kia nodded.

"Like I said, I don't sing that well..." She laughed sheepishly. "I'd much prefer Christine to sing in my place..." She said rubbing the back of her head... she unpinned her hair as she sighed.

"It gets heavy I'm used to it being down.." she said as her long red hair fell down like a single wave of fiery red.

"Uh, no..I..I don't sing…" Christine murmured bashfully.

"Well why don't I show you around? I'll need to be getting off to rehearsal soon, but I can at least show you your room and maybe the theatre, if time should allow it" she smiled, grabbing both Kia and Christine's hands.

Kia nodded and let herself be shown about nodding and sometimes asking what a word meant she wasn't extremely fluent in French but she was good enough to speak and ask what a word was.

Meg showed Kia her room and left her bags there "Oh Christine! Look at the time! We've got to be getting to rehearsal, or mother will have us practicing longer tonight" she said, pulling Christine with her from the room, before turning back to Kia "You can come with us if you'd like. You could see the stage, and perhaps meet the managers, or even the patron!" she said excitedly.

Kia nodded smiling happily as she quickly followed them. Christine nodded and smiled silently, content to let her friend babble. She raced down the stairs in her ballet shoes to get to the stage in time, lest Madame Giry be angry. She dashed into the changing room and began to change into her slave costume for Hannibal.

"Meg, have you seen my skirt anywhere?" she asked, hunting around for the clothing item.

Meg shook her head "Sorry, no I haven't" she said, straightening out her costume, having already have changed into it.

"Åt helvete med det..." Christine muttered darkly under her breath, rummaging under a pile of clothes.

She eventually unearthed the beaded skirt and scrambled into it.

"Out of ten, how annoyed will your mother be if I'm late again?"

"Eleven" Meg laughed, crossing her arms.

"So we'd better go...?" Christine asked sheepishly, gesturing towards the door. Meg rolled her eyes, grabbing Christine's hand and pulling her from the room, towards the stage.

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PostSubject: Re: Down Once More   Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:21 pm

Welcome OtherPonineGirl! Since this is not a true phanfic I've moved this to the Lounge. We've never had role play here and not sure we can due to the set up. Thank you for your contribution. I hope you enjoy the site.

If I can be of assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.
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PostSubject: Re: Down Once More   Sun Aug 04, 2013 11:22 am

What happened to our games? No one playing anything today?
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PostSubject: Re: Down Once More   

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Down Once More
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