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 My Life With O.G

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PostSubject: My Life With O.G   Sat Sep 01, 2012 8:29 pm

Hello hello hello hello! I'm back from the Les Mis fandom! And, I have a new phanfic, which is A) written in script form and B) completely random and silly. This is on Phantomoftheopera.com as well.....

Me: (working on phanfic)
Erik: Are ya done yet.
Me: No.
Erik: Are ya done now?
Me: (getting annoyed) No...
Erik: How 'bout now?
Erik: Geez! I thought I had a temper!

~ Erik and Katy are in the car, going someplace. Erik is driving. Katy decides to get her own back for Erik annoying her earlier~

Me: Are we there yet?
Erik: No
Me: Are we there yet?
Erik: No
Me: Are we there yet?
Erik: (slightly agitated) No
(this continues for about five minutes)
Me: (smirking) Drop a chandelier on me? Oooh! Have I hit a nerve?
Erik: *grumble grumble grumble*

~Erik and Katy are watching POTO 25th on the TV. Erik is very bored, but Katy is excited~

Me: (during MOTN) Woot! Woot! This song is AWESOME!
Erik: (exasperated) You say that every time you listen to that song. And you listen to it nine times a day!
Me: (during STYDI) FAIL! Erik, you went nuts then!
Erik: You do realise that the ALW one is not that like my actual life you know!
Erik: (head in hands) Why couldn't I live with an R/C shipper and not this nutcase of a girlfriend I have?
Me: Because, A - the only R/C shipper we know is that crackhead friend of mine and B- she hates your guts.
Erik: Oh (blushes)
Me: (during Notes II) Ha ha! You got TOLD!
Erik: I had a point, though.
Me: (during Don Juan) Erik! PLEASE sing Point of No Return with me!
Erik: Do I have to?
Me: I'm your girlfriend. Yes you do!
Erik: (sigh) Fine.
Me & Erik: (during PONR) *singing and dancing along to it*
Erik: Christine, that's all I ask of -
Me: *pulls off his mask like she does in the movie*
Erik: Dammit, Katy!
Me: Oi! I'm just following choreography! You know full well I don't give a monkey music box about your face!
Erik: Oh, I see what you sis there. Very funny. Not
Me: Play along!
Erik: *grumble grumble grumble*
Me: (during Final Lair)*sobbing* Christine, you are officially the world's biggest b***h! Now Erik will never find love! *cries some more*
Erik: Said my girlfriend.
Me: Good point.

~Katy is listening to LND on her iPod. She has the volume up loads. Erik is getting annoyed~

Erik: Will you turn that crap down?
Me: No! LND is awesome!
Erik: But it's so inaccurate! I'm a wimp, Raoul's a drunken idiot, I don't even know who this Meg lady is and Christine dying? Sorry, but that ain't gonna happen!
Me: Why would you care about what happens to Raoul? You hate him anyway?
Erik: Well, in his defence *under his breath* oh I can't believe I just said that *back to normal* he wasn't a drunkard.
Me: (about to reply but then Til I Hear You Sing comes on) Ohh! I love this song! Ramin's AWESOME!
Erik: *mimicking* Ramin this! Ramin that! Ramin, Ramin, Ramin!
Me: Am I hearing jealousy, Monsieur Le Fantome?
Erik: (embarrased) No
Me: So you won't care that I'm buying tickets for his tour then, will you?
Erik: (obviously lying)No
Me: Good! Allons-y!
Erik: You've been watching Doctor Who, again, haven't you.
Me: (like David Tennant did) Oh yes!
Erik: *under his breath* Not another obsession!
Me: Don't forget Harry Potter!
Erik: (exasperated sigh)
Me: (breaking fourth wall by turning to audience) Bai 4 now!
Erik: Why are you speaking in lolspeak?
Me: Becasue I feel like it!
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Number of posts : 2388
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PostSubject: Re: My Life With O.G   Sun Sep 02, 2012 10:38 am

This read something like a play, only not. Very humorous! Very Happy Nice job. Glad to see you back . Welcome home. Razz
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Number of posts : 67
Age : 19
Location : Beneath A Moonless Sky
Points : 2493
Registration date : 2012-02-18

PostSubject: Re: My Life With O.G   Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:07 pm

Thanks, Fay! Smile Feels good to be back 'n all! Time for the next chapter. (and things get, in a word, insane)

~Erik and Katy are at the mall waiting for friends. Katy catches sight of her friends and starts singing the code song~

Me: (v. loudly)I'm not wearing underwear today!
Erik: (silently) WTF?
Me: No I'm not waering underwear today! Not that you probably care much about my underwear, still, nonetheless I gotta say, that I'm not wearing underway todaaaaayyyy!
Jeannine, Katya and Elli: GET A JOB!
(they all run over to me and glomp me)
Me: (seeing who they brought with them) ZOMG, Jeannine, you brought BEYONCE?
Jeannine: Yeah, well she was bored today.
Katya: Did she bring Blue Ivy?
Beyonce: Sure did!
Blue Ivy: Goo goo gaa gaa!
Everyone apart from Erik: Awwwwwww!
Me: Katya, how did I know that you'd bring the one person I didn't want here?
Raoul: Hey! I resent that!
Erik: Aw, come on! Why did the fop have to be here?
Katya: Yeha, but I brought Peeta Mellark as well.
Raoul: WTF? Katya! I thought you liked me!
Katya: Peeta's prettier.
Raoul: What?
Me: That's how Katya's mind works. The prettier a boy is, the more she fawns over him. That's why she's an R/C shipper and an Erik basher.
*the camera turns to Katya who is literally bashing Erik with a random cudgel*
Katya: Bash! Bash! Bash!
Me: (pulls her off him then turns to Elli) Dude! How've you been?
Elli: Alright, but you STILL HAVEN'T POSTED MORE OF TBU! Don't make me get my punjab out!
Me: Okaaay! Got the message! (squeaky voice) Please don't hurt me!
Everyone apart from me and Elli: LOL!
Me: SHUT UP! Right, Elli, who'd you bring then?
Elli: Presenting, Finnick!
Me & Katya (who are Hunger Games fans): ZOMG!
Jeannine, Erik & Beyonce: WTF?
Me: I thought he was dead?
Finnick: Elli brought me back to life. I can still take my head off, though. Wanna see?
Everyone: Noooo thank you!
Me: Guys! We're in Westfield Shopping Centre!
Jeannine: You guys thinking what I'm thinking?
Me: Oh noo, I was tempting fate...
Jeannine, Katya and Beyonce: SHOPPING SPREE!
Me: Anyone for the library? They got Susan Kay's Phantom in yesterday.
Raoul: Does he die?
Me: Yup.
Raoul: I'm in.
Elli: Me too.
Erik: Why do you always read books about my life?
Raoul: Actually, rather than spend my day with obsessed phangirls and the guy I hate most in the entire world, I'm gonna go to the bar.
Me: Foreshadowing?
Elli: I think so.
Raoul: Whaddya mean?
Me & Elli: Nooothing.
Me: Just stay off the booze, 'kay boy?
Raoul: Ooookay....
Me: (to everyone) We meet back here at 1700 hours, comprende? And girls, no spending over £1000 each, alright?
Jeannine, Katya and Beyonce: (disappointed) Okay.
Me: Right, to the library! Duhduhduh DAH!
Elli: WTF?
Me: My action theme music.
Elli: Ooookay....
Erik: Just like a day with Katy, only with two of her. Go j-hocks.
Elli: daaaw! (glomps Erik)
*they fall on the floor*
Erik: (mouhting) Get her OFF!
Me: Ummmm... no! Hah!

~it's 5.30 pm. Elli, Katy, Erik, Peeta and Finnick are waiting by the meeting place. Everyone's late~

Me: Ugh! Where is everyone?
Erik: Let's just leave without them!
Elli: He has a point you know.
Me: No, we have to wait. I don't want to deal with the paperwork if they get lost.
Peeta: (to Finnick) How did we even get out of Panem anyway?
Finnick: Beats me. But the girl who brought everyone here is plain crazy.
Me: Heard that! Oh, look, here come people.
Me: (seeing Katya has got TONS of bags) Jesus! Katya, how much did you buy?
Jeannine: Too much. And she didn't like ANYTHING in Oasis.
Me: *facepalm*
Beyonce: I gotta go now guys, Blue Ivy has to go to bed.
All: Bye, Beyonce.
Me: But, where's Raoul?
Raoul: (just randomly appearing) Here!
Katya: Yay! Raoul! (glomps Raoul)
Raoul: I thought you preferred Peeta?
Katya: I do, but Katniss is here now.
Me: 0.o! When did Katniss get here?
Katniss: About thirty seconds ago.
Me: Okay then. Right, head count. Everyone's here then. Right, we're going home. Hold the phone, why is my Doctor Who fangirl cousin running towards us?
Emilia: Hi! Sorry I'm a bit late.
Erik: *facepalm* You were supposed to be here three hours ago.
Emilia: Oh. Umm, well, I BROUGHT THE 10th DOCTOR!
Me: :0! *fangirl sqeal*
Ten: Hello!
Me: *glomps Doctor*
Ten: (to Erik) fangirl?
Erik: Yup.
Ten: She's pretty.
Erik: She's also my girlfriend! *cracks knuckles*
Ten: Okay! I can take a hint!
Me: Oh yeah, Doctor, I forgot to tell you, I'm a timelord.
Ten: *does spit take even though he wasn't drinking anything*
Me: More than that, I'm the PRINCESS OF BLOODY GALLIFREY!
Ten: *faints*
All: LOL!
Me: Comeon! Home! But I don't think we'll all fit into my mini...*looks at Emilia*
Emilia: Fine, we'll take the TARDIS!
Me: YAY!
Raoul: What's a TARDIS?
Me: Later, Raoul. *under my breath* I really don't want to explain science-fiction to a 19th century posh dude.

~Later, in the TARDIS...~

Me: And that's how the TARDIS works.
Raoul and Erik: I didn't get a word of that.
Me: Yeahhh, didn't think you would. Oi, Doctor, how long until we land?
Doctor: About half an hour.
Me: Can I put a song on?
Doctor: Sure...
Erik: Oh, she isn't is she? I think she's going to put on something from LND.
Elli: I think so too. *they high-five*
Me: 3...2...1...and BAM *Beneath a Moonless Sky starts playing*
Erik: Oh dear God...*facepalms*

~we listen to the song~

All: 0.o
Katniss: What the HELL was that about?
Me: *whispering to Erik* Doesn't pick up on much, this one, does she?
Raoul: *glaring daggers at Erik* This didn't actually happen, did it?
Erik: I'm sitting here with my girlfriend. Do you think it did?
Emilia: Too...much...phantom... *passes out*
Peeta: *nestling up to Katya, putting his arm around her*
Katniss: *clears throat*
Peeta: *glares at Katniss*
Katniss: *glares at Peeta*
K + P: *staring contest*
Katniss: Right, I'm out. *walks up to door*
Doctor: No no no, wait don't do that...
Katniss: *opens door and walks into Time Vortex. Screams*
Me: Well, that was stupid. *talking telepathically to Erik and Elli* be prepared for really mushy Peeta/OC shipping, or Katya will kill me.
Doctor: Landing now!
All: YAY!
*everyone runs out of the TARDIS*
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Number of posts : 2388
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PostSubject: Re: My Life With O.G   Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:19 am

I know it must be me, but this one was just all over the place. You lost me many times. How you jumped to Doctor Who and the TARDIS I don't know. The first one was better. Sorry. I know I'm a bit slow on humor like this. But thanks! Nice job. Shocked
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PostSubject: Re: My Life With O.G   

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My Life With O.G
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